The Ranch at Li'l Promised Land LLC

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Welcome to The Ranch at Li'l Promised Land LLC located in Elizabeth, Colorado.

We have a small family ranch with the following:

Kiko Meat Goats

Pasture Fed Natural Goat Meat (Chevon)

Nubian & LaMancha Dairy Goats

Raw Goat's Milk Shares

Brush Clearing/Noxious Weed Eating Service (goats)

French White Muscovy Duck Meat

Muscovy Ducks & Ducklings

Chicken & Duck Eggs


Kiko goats
We raise Kiko goats including NKR 100% New Zealand and Purebreds.  We use them to manage weeds while growing them for natural pasture fed meat.  See our For Sale page to see what's available.

We test our whole herd annually for CL, CAE and Johne's.  We are happy to show you the test results.

We register with the National Kiko Registry (NKR).

We chose the Kiko breed as a hardy alternative to Boer goats for economical meat production.  The breed was developed in New Zealand in the 1980's by crossing feral goats with domesticated dairy goats.  They are known to have higher successful birth rates, are excellent mothers with good milk production, fewer parasite and hoof problems, are great at foraging for their food, and they don't need pampering in inclement weather.  They come in a wide variety of colors and looks.

Below is an excerpt from the:

American Kiko Goat Association ®

Get the Kiko Advantage!

  • Exceptional Maternal Instincts
  • Parasite Resistant
  • Aggressive Foragers
  • Aggressive Breeders
  • Vigorous, fast-growing kids
  • Less Producer input
  • Less hoof problems
  • More kids raised to weaning
  • Excellent for crossbreeding
  • Improved carcass yields
  • Proven by independent research

Kiko articles for more research:
Dairy Goats

We raise Nubian, LaMancha and now Kiko cross does for delicious creamy milk with high butterfat to make the best cheese and sweet milk.  We test our whole herd annually for CL, CAE and Johne's.
Limited shares of our raw goat's milk are available through a herd share program. See our For Sale page for information about our share program. Inquire if you are interested: [email protected]

Muscovy Ducks and Drakes

We love our Muscovies!  We raise regular beautifully colored Muscovy Ducks and also the rare French White Muscovy Ducks. 

The French White Muscovies were bred in France by the parent company Groupe Grimaud, who has been raising Muscovy ducks since 1965. They worked to produce a purebred, faster-growing meat duck.  Drakes are known to reach 12 lb in 12 weeks!  They still maintain the wonderful qualities of regular Muscovy ducks: great foragers, excellent mothers who hatch their own ducklings and they take good care of their babies.

We maintain our own breeding stock and improving it through selective breeding.  


We handle our babies and they are good foragers, so should make nice pets or producers. Let us know if you are interested in making a purchase: [email protected]

Exotic Muscovy duck meat is favored by gourmet chefs around the world. Connoisseurs know that it is nothing like other duck meat. It is in a class of it's own being 98-99% lean and any fat rendered is considered "liquid gold."  It is meaty and flavorful, similar to sirloin steak and other red meat.

Muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata) are the only domesticated ducks not derived from the Mallard, and are native to Central and South America.  They produce significantly more breast meat than Pekins or other ducks and the meat is 40-50% leaner.  Muscovy meat is leaner with fewer calories than turkey.  Barbary duck is the term used for C. moschata in a culinary context.


We have a small flock of happy chickens and have farm fresh eggs for sale. We leave the "bloom" on our eggs (they are unwashed), so they do not require refrigeration.  Washed eggs are available upon request.
Inquire for availability: [email protected]
Muscovy Duck eggs $7/dozen
Chicken eggs $5.50/dozen


We were blessed to have bees.  We are following the Warré method of beekeeping and harvest a small amount in the fall (if they have extra) leaving enough for the bees to overwinter.

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When you contact us, we may add you to our email list for occasional updates.  Please let us know if you prefer not to be added: [email protected]