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Goats for sale

Pasture fed goat meat

Muscovy ducks and ducklings

Muscovy duck meat

Eggs for sale

Raw goat's milk shares


We have a small herd and have a limited number of goats for sale.  All goats on our property tested negative in Feb 2018 for CL, CAE and Johne's.
We register through the National Kiko Registry.


Purebred Kiko doe 94% Kiko
DOB 5/12/17
Sire: LGB Kit 619 100% NZ
Dam: LaKika 88% Kiko/LaMancha
$650 NKR registered
$450 unregistered
Weaning weight 40#

Confirmed pregnant by Joe Daddy buck (pics & pedigree below)
A half sister to this doe last year produced our fastest growing buckling bred to a different buck. This bloodline has excellent milk lines because of the LaMancha background. Photo is from fall 2017.

Purebred Kiko doe 97% Kiko

DOB 6/10/17

Sire: LGB Kit 619 100% New Zealand Kiko

$650 registered
$450 unregistered
Single to first time dam
WW 48#

Confirmed pregnant by Joe Daddy buck (pics & pedigree below)

Her dam's sister (aunt) last year produced our fastest growing buckling bred to a different buck. This bloodline has excellent milk lines because of the LaMancha background. Photo from fall 2017.

Purebred 97% Kiko twin bucklings
DOB 2/15/18
Black BW 6lb 12oz
Brown w/a little white BW 7lb
Available after weaning
Price will be determined by purpose of purchase: for meat vs breeding stock and registered or unregistered. They will be wethered in the next few weeks and sold unregistered unless someone wants them for breeding stock.
Sire is 100% NZ Buck (His pedigree is not currently on our website but more info will be given if someone is interested in them for breeding.
We used LGB 619 Buck for our 2017 kids
LGB Kit 619 100% NZ  Buck
​DOB 3/2/16 10.4 lbs single
90 day WW 66.0 lbs
LGB Shocker X LGB Osage (a Golden boy
Grand daughter)
We used Joe Daddy for most of our 2018 kids
LGB 642 Joe Daddy 100% NZ Buck
DOB 5/26/16 8lb single
90 day WW 63.20 lbs
LGB Shocker X LGB 525 (a Tank D80 daughter)

Percentage goats 50% Kiko x Nubian

Percentage 50% Kiko x Nubian doelings
DOB 3/11/18
Triplets were born to our favorite Nubian, an 8 year old ADGA registered Nubian doe. Here's a link to her past linear appraisal: Her previous owner said she produced close to 2 gallons of milk per day in her prime. Her doelings should be hearty milk producers and great mothers because of the 50% Kiko.

2 doelings available (brown w/white markings and speckled white ears):
- now as bottle babies for $250 unregistered each or $350 registered
- after weaning for $350 unregistered or $450 registered each
- Disbudding available if requested soon enough

More Percentage kids coming..

Advantages of 50% Kiko x Nubian goats:
Our purebred Nubian dams come from good milking lines and are registered/registrable with the American Dairy Goat Association.  Are you looking for a goat to produce milk for your family or for raising goat babies?  Our 50% Kiko x Nubian Doelings should produce sweet creamy milk with high butterfat content (from the Nubian side) and carry the hardiness and excellent mothering abilities found in the Kiko genes. I would expect them to produce hearty healthy babies with plenty of milk when they kid.

Are you knew to Kikos?  Buying a registered Percentage doe is an affordable way to get started in the Kiko breed up programs.  Breeding Percentage does to a 100% New Zealand Kiko buck will eventually produce Purebred babies as follows. (Purebred does bred to a 100% NZ buck produces Purebred offspring.)
  1. 50% doe bred to a 100% NZ buck produces 75% offspring
  2. 75% doe bred to a 100% NZ buck produces 88% offspring
  3. 88% doe bred to a 100% NZ buck produces Purebred offspring

Pasture Fed Naturally Raised Goat Meat Chevon

We are adding people to our waiting list for our limited supply of holistically raised, pasture fed goat meat. We don't grain feed our goat kids, so they will be very lean, and won't be pumped full of GMOs.

Most Colorado pastures are sparse and mainly grass. However, we are blessed to be able to raise our Kiko goats in a low area lush with: Golden Currants, Wild Roses, Chokecherries, Stinging Nettle, Poison Ivy, Thistles, and other protein packed weeds (there is some grass too!). Through our weed eating service, our goats have been able to eat a variety of plants on several different properties, while making property owners happy.

A small amount of pasture fed goat meat will be available mid-late November.   


$9.50/pound hanging weight (25-45 lbs)

Processing fees and individual cuts/packaging are not included and will be paid directly to the processor. Customers may choose their own preferred cut packages.

Email [email protected] for more info.

Ducks for sale

Coming summer 2018 Muscovy Ducks
Hens are guaranteed to be females!
We prefer to sell our hens and raise the males for meat, but are willing to sell some drakes too if you want some for breeding.

Muscovies are great foragers, so they don't need as much grain. They like to eat grasshoppers, mosquitoes, and other bugs. They also enjoy eating weeds and grass. They forage in and around our gardens and don't bother the plants we care about for the most part (unless they sit on them). They are beautiful to watch and come running to us when it's time to feed them grain. They are smart, curious and fun to have around. They are also quiet, as they don't quack. They make little hissing noises and very gently talk to their babies.

The hens are excellent mothers and are capable of hatching up to three clutches of babies in one year. You can also use them as an incubator to hatch chicken and other bird eggs. 

French White Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) meat

Try our Muscovy duck at Parker Garage restaurant (seasonal weekend special).

We raise French White Muscovy ducks also known as Barbary duck for meat.  Our drakes dress out around 6-7#.  Hens are smaller dressing out in the 3-4# range.  Reserve one today for your next special meal. Limited supply available in the fall. USDA processed.

Whole Muscovy Hen average weight 3-1/2 to 4lbs $49

Muscovy is lean, meaty, and tender. The flavorful meat resembles veal and sirloin steak. Muscovy has a high yield of meat compared with other ducks and 50 percent more breast meat than other ducks. Muscovy breast meat is 99 percent lean and the skin of some have 50% less fat than the Moulard or Pekin varieties! Muscovy ducks have less fat and less calories per pound than turkey.

Muscovy Duck is unlike any other duck you have ever eaten

Eggs for sale

Duck eggs $5/doz
Chicken eggs $4.50/doz

We leave the natural bloom on our eggs, so they do not require refrigeration liked washed eggs do.  Washed eggs available upon request.

Raw Goat's Milk Shares

We have limited shares of our fresh raw goat's milk available through a legal share program.  Inquire for more info.